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  1. southernfarmandkitchen says:

    Hi ya’ll, I’m Katt !! I am a follower of Christ, Mother, Wife and Farm Girl. I’m fueled by Hymns, Sweet Tea and Laughter. I am North Carolina born and raised. I spent five years on the plains of Colorado and I truly loved it there. The hubbyman is Colorado born and raised and has followed me back to NC. He loves it here and doesn’t see himself any place else.

    Carolina Roots and Colorado Boots!

    I was raised on tractors and spent my childhood sitting in cabbage fields.
    My daddy taught me that the best smell in the universe is the scent of turned earth.
    I’m a home school mama and nothing is more important than my family.

    I am a firm believer that life is way too short, and that we all need to practice a bit of goofiness!

    Welcome to the Boondocks!

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