Beef Stroganoff

Super Short Cut Beef Stroganoff

One and a Half pounds of Ground Beef
One Large bag Egg Noodles
Two Small Cans of Cream of Mushroom
One cup half and half
Half of a Medium onion
Two Garlic Cloves minced
Four teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce
One Box Hamburger Helper Beef Stroganoff ( oh yeah, I so went there)

Cook noodles per package directions, adding the noodles from the hamburger helper too ( dont wanna waste ’em)
Brown hambuger and oinions and drain off half the grease.
Return to med low heat… stir in the hamburger helper seasoning and the soup.
Add the Half and Half and the remaining ingredients.

Drain off the egg noodles and fold into the meat mixture…..
serve hot ..( I top mine with fresh chopped parsley


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