Beef Stroganoff

Dear Beef Stroganoff,
We have never seen eye to eye, we have fought with each other way too often. YOU always have to win! Even though I know you are a “simple” recipe, you have beaten me down for years… well not today! I have figured out my flaws and today…. you lost




1 ½  pounds Ribeye Steak, cut into strips (you can use Chuck or Sirloin, but I like the Ribeye)

Salt and Pepper (to taste)

2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

1/2 whole Large White Onion (diced small)

2 whole Carrots (diced small)

8 oz White Button Mushrooms, remove stems and cut into halves or thirds

1/2 cup Chicken stock

1 Teaspoon Red Wine Vinegar

2 cups Beef Stock ( PLUS  ¼  cup)

2 Tablespoons Cornstarch

1/4 cup Sour Cream (Room Temperature!!! THIS has been my failure for years)

1 ¼ teaspoon Dijon Mustard

Cooked Egg Noodles

Minced Parsley (for Garnishbeef 6

Season the steak with salt and pepper, then heat 1 tablespoon of the olive oil in a heavy skillet over medium high heat.   Add half the meat to the pan and brown it quickly, about 2-3 minutes.

Remove the first batch to a bowl and cook the rest of the meat. Remove and set all the meat aside.

beef 5.jpg

Have your Veggies ready to go when meat is seared…

beef 4

Add the remaining 1 tablespoon olive oil to your pan  and add the onion, carrots, and mushrooms. Cook until the mixture is deep golden brown, about 5-6 minutes.

beef 3

Turn off the heat and add the chicken stock, vinegar and the beef stock.

Stir, scrape the bottom of the pan, and turn the heat to medium-high. Cook to reduce the liquid by about a third, 3 to 5 minutes

In a small bowl make a slurry by mixing the remaining 1/4 cup stock and the cornstarch with a spoon. Then pour the slurry into the skillet and cook until the sauce thickens, about 1 to3 minutes.  Turn off the heat.


Stir in the sour cream and Dijon. Add the beef and stir over low heat until the mixture is nice and piping hot. Taste and adjust salt and pepper if needed.


Cook noodles per package directions and top with meat mixture, sprinkle with parsley.

NOTE: I remove the noodles from the water and drain. Then I return them to a non stick pan and cook on med heat with 3 tablespoons of butter and very little salt before serving.  Only cook until butter melts and coats…

NOTE NOTE: (haha, I like that) If you use salted butter, you may not want to add salt to the noodles.


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