Garden Delight

I am the biggest fan of Peppers! Hot, Mild, Sweet and anything in between. So when I had this bright idea for a side salad that could refresh the palate during a meal, I knew peppers had to be involved… it’s a given.


1 very large cubanelle pepper

1/4 of a med white onion

1 half of an English cucumber

1/4 cup green olives ( I use reduced salt Lindsey™ Olives)

1/2 cup of your favorite Italian dressing ( i use Olive Garden™)

1/2 tsp Badia™ Complete Seasoning


Dice the cubanelle pepper ( anyway you like)


Cut your cucumber in half and then in half again. Remove seeds with a spoon and the slice into half moons.


Dice your white onion. Oh, don’t cry….


Add the olives ( you can slice them if you like, but I like em whole)


Mix the veggies well….


Add your salad dressing..


Toss well to coat…


Add your Badia™ Complete Seasoning.. ( I do not use salt and pepper in this salad, the olives, dressing and seasoning provide enough)



Chill for about an hour before serving…. it’s too good y’all, seriously, I’m in love.





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