Corn and Pepper Salsa

Left over corn … I always have left over corn. Why do I always have left over corn? I hate throwing food away…it’s one of my three biggest pet peeves.. next to repeating myself and having to turn around in town and go back the way I just came. I’m always forgetting something…. Oh,  back to the left over corn.. I had to think of something, it needed to be eaten or just bite the bullet and toss it…. think Katt, think! ( insert Final Jeopardy Theme Song here…)  Corn salsa! Duh, It’s Taco night! Check out this easy recipe….


The Victims…

One 14.5 oz can of diced tomatoes ( do not drain)

Four ears of roasted corn ( left over or fresh)

Half of a large green bell pepper diced

1/4 of a white onion diced

One Tablespoon Rice Wine Vinegar

One Tablespoon Mrs. Wages™ Salsa mix ( I’ll explain later )

One Teaspoon Ground Cumin

One Teaspoon Garlic Powder

No salt or Pepper for this recipe, but that’s a matter of taste


Remove the corn from the cob…


Dice the bell pepper and add to the corn.


Why you cry’n? Just dice the onion….

add that to the mix…add your tomatoes, juice and all.


looks yummy already…..


add your vinegar … next comes the spices…


Garlic Powder




Now here is the thing I said I would tell you about… Mrs. Wages™

This stuff is amazing! You can use the whole bag and makes quarts of salsa, which I do that too… but I keep it on hand and use a few tablespoons at a time for other recipes. you just can not beat the taste of those blended spices.



Mix well and chill for at least an hour… remove 15-20 minutes before it is time to eat.. stir well and enjoy it on tacos, burritos, chips or by the spoonful ( not that I would do such a thing)


Easy Peasy !







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