Wake Up Shakes ( recipe #1 )

When I first started looking into breakfast shakes I saw one with strawberries and peanut butter... whaaaa? I know I made a face, I remember clearly making the face. But guess what? IT'S GOOD! What What!? I know right... who would have thunk it. Now I am on a mission to create a new shake … Continue reading Wake Up Shakes ( recipe #1 )

Mini Muffulettas

Mini Muffulettas are an easy-peasy, nontraditional take on the Big Easy Classic.  This is the way I make them, normally the N'awlins classic is round and made with a much sturdier bread. So, with that in mind please know that I am not making the classic version. I'm paying homage to the best sandwich that … Continue reading Mini Muffulettas