Wake Up Shake ( recipe #2) Chocolate-Peanut Butter

Hello, my name is Katt, and I am addicted to these shakes. I just can not help myself. They keep me full until lunch and I am a much happier person ( okay, I was happy before too)

Each morning I will be making a new one.. so start your day with me! ( that sounded like a corny commercial huh)


The Good Stuff!


6 oz Blue Diamond Almond Breeze® reduced sugar vanilla

2 tablespoons sugar free Hershey® Syrup

2 tsp. PB2® Powdered Peanut Butter

1 Banana

Not Pictured: ( Cause yeah, I forgot) 1 cup Dannon® Low Fat Vanilla Yougurt

1 cup ice

Blend all together and that’s it…. is that even a real recipe? Too easy!



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