Summer Subs

Hu·mid·i·ty !! That’s what we have here on the NC Coast! Wowzer its sticky! I love Summer, when I’m out back in the pool and I can’t actually feel the humidity, but running errands in this… no thanks! I just can’t see coming home after all that running and firing up the stove… So…. Supper’s Ready! 
use monkey.jpg
Let me show you how I made these…..
Mayo and Mustard on each side of a French Hoagie Roll …


One layer of Roast Beef


One layer of Ham…


Next is your cheese, I used Colby Jack today…


Pepperoni….( my favorite)


Blackened Turkey …


Thin sliced tomatoes…. about three slices.

Next is my favorite part.. the lettuce mixture…


 Dice two green onion tops, add about 1/4 cup alpha sprouts, 1/2 cup shredded lettuce and one tablespoon of your favorite Italian Dressing. I use Olive Garden®
Spread lettuce on the tomatoes.
( there should be enough for two subs)
use monkey.jpg
that’s it…. easy peasy cool !!!

Grocery List

4 types of cold cuts

1 type cheese



alpha sprouts

green onion

Italian Dressing

French rolls

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