Garden Pasta Salad with Bacon

Bacon, that is really all that needs to be said, it’s so good they put it on Ice Cream! I keep hearing that it is bad for you, but I’m not falling for it.. nope, not me! Cold pasta salads are a must in summer, they fill you up without heating you up. I’m a huge fan of a bowl of pasta salad in the summer evenings with a glass of sweet tea. It’s utopia! Hope you enjoy this one!


12-24 ounces of rendered bacon ( amount depends on your love of it)

12 ounces of Tri Colored Pasta ( cooked til just soft then drained in cold water, set aside)

1 cup of your favorite Italian dressing

14.5 ounces of petite diced tomatoes ( drained)

1 English cucumber ( seeded and diced)

1 small purple onion ( diced) ( i refuse to call it red, them lil suckers are purple)

1 cup green olives with pimento ( chopped)

Grated Parm for garnish




How can a recipe be bad if it starts out like this? I’m crying uncle!


Render the bacon and set it aside to drain….


While the bacon is cooking, cook your pasta, rinse and put aside in a large bowl..


Diced your cucumber and purple onion…


Chop and measure out your olives, add them and the drained tomatoes to the veggies.


Stir it all together well and add to the pasta.


Fold in One cup of dressing, save a bit extra for serving if you want, it can soak up a it as is chills in the fridge.

Stir well and chill at least an hour…

Don’t fold in your bacon, it will only get soggy again…

use lol.jpg

When ready to serve, top each plate with bacon and parm!

Toot Toot!! ( that was my horn)


NOTE: These are my pasta and dressing of choice today.. but use any you want, really, its okay …giggles



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