Chipotle Pulled Pork with Dr. Pepper

This recipe is all over the web. It’s been tweaked, altered, and perfected by bloggers the world over! So, I’m jumping on the wagon ( good thing I wore my boots) and made my own. This thing is 110% Hubbyman approved!

He thinks I’m perfect, I won’t tell him any different.


1 whole Pork Shoulder – 6 To 8 Pounds

1 ½  whole Large Onions

1 can (11 Ounce) Chipotle Peppers In Adobo Sauce

2 tablespoons Badia® Complete Seasoning

2 Tablespoons Brown Sugar

Salt and Pepper

2 cans Dr. Pepper

Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

Peel the onions and cut into wedges and line them on the bottom of a large Dutch oven.


Salt and pepper the pork roast and add the Badia®, set it on top of the onions.


Add the can of peppers over the pork, including that wonderful sauce. Pour in the Dr Pepper.

With your fingers, crumble the brown sugar all over the meat and pan.

Place a lid on the pot, making sure it fits well.

Cook for at least six hours. You will want to turn the roast about ever two hours. Check meat at the six hour mark. It should fall apart if you try to turn it.  Remove from oven.

Remove meat from pot and place on a surface that you can cut it on. Using forks, shred the meat, and toss out as much fat as you want. (I get rid of about 75% of it) Strain as much of the fat off the top of the broth that is left in the pot. I use a spoon a run it along the top. Return the shredded meat to the broth, and keep warm until ready to serve.



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