Cilantro Lime Jalapeno Slaw

Cole Slaw, it’s not JUST a Southern Thing anymore! My Colorado Hubbyman loves Mexican Food better than anything I can serve him! With that in mind, I threw this together today to go with the Chipotle flavor in my pulled pork… it worked! I’m now wifey of the year… hope a tiara comes with that title, I’ve always thought I’d look good in a tiara!  (I’m kidding…..kind of)


1 whole Jalapeno, thinly sliced

1 1/2 cups Fresh Cilantro (don’t mince it, just chop a few times)

1/2 cup Mayonnaise

1 teaspoon Lime Juice

1/4 teaspoon Salt

1/4 teaspoon ground Cumin

1 bag Dole® Cole Slaw Cabbage Mix

Toss the Cabbage and jalapenos in a large bowl.

In a bowl mix mayonnaise, lime juice, sugar, salt, and cumin.  Add lid and shake well.

Pour over cabbage. Toss to combine, gently fold in Cilantro

Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.



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