Key Lime Cheesecake

Key Lime Pie, it’s traditionally a custard pie made with key limes and eggs and simple goodness. However I wanted a No Bake version. Easy to make and with few ingredients. So here it is, my $4.56 Pie! Simple, affordable and so refreshing for this summer heat!  It came together so well that I almost cried, but only almost.


See that picture? Yeah the one up there… that’s all you need ( well plus one extra Lime that rolled away) I’m not kidding.. that’s all!

Allow the cream cheese to come to room temperature.


Zest 3 Limes, careful not to go all the way to the white of the peel, that stuff is major bitter.. whew!!

You will need one Heaping 1/2 teaspoon.


Juice the three limes..


You will need a 1/2 cup of juice, I got a bit more than that so………..


I’m saving it for salsa tomorrow… waste not want not!

Add the Condensed Milk and Juice to a stand mixer and mix on medium speed until well combined, the add the soft cream cheese and lime zest,  mix on med until creamy.


Pour into your pie shell and chill at least 3 hours, hold back that urge, you just gotta wait.

After it is chilled you can top it with Cool Whip® or eat just as it is.. I had one of those handy dandy spray cans of whipped cream, so yeah, that’s what I did!

Told ya it was easy!


One 14oz can sweetened condensed milk

One 8oz pack cream cheese (softened)

3 Large Limes and 1 heaping tsp. of their zest

1 pre-made graham crust

All products shown are from Walmart®



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