White Queso Dip

Melody’s  White Queso

My daughter, what I can say about my daughter? That child loves Mexican Food and her go-to favorite at any restaurant is the White Queso. Most people are content with the free chips and salsa, not us… we gotta have the chips, salsa, white queso, AND the guacamole! We always tend to go above and beyond. I am, and I mean not to toot my own horn, (umm, toot toot!) a fairly good cook of Mexican Food. That comes from my years in Colorado, where other than Taco Bell and Taco Johns, the Mexican Food is Authentic!! Fast Food, well that’s no comparison! So today I am on an adventure to make Mexican dips… I started with White Queso, then on to Salsa and Salsa Verde! I have posted those as well!

This is too easy, no really, too easy and not expensive at all, cost was: $5.45 ( with sale items) and it makes 4 times as much as you get in a restaurant. Which is about 3-4 ounces for $3.65, so yeah, this is better.

You’ll need:

1 can Rotel® tomatoes & green chilies ( drained)

1 lb pepperjack cheese ( cubed )

8 oz cream cheese

1 cup sour cream

3/4 cup whole milk

NOTE: Trying to cut the fat by using low fat items will not work, I’ve tried it… it breaks down too much and you have a crock pot full of water.


In a small crockpot, combine the cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, Rotel®, and half of your milk.

Turn heat onto low, and let the mixture heat until the cheeses melt and a smooth cream forms. You can add more milk as you go to get it to the desired consistency you want.

Once it is melted the way you like, serve immediately OR if your crockpot has a WARM setting that will be fine. It is great for parties!!


Comer buena comida!!

Photos from the Kitchen:


The Line up, minus the milk ..


okay that one is blurry… I was shaking with excitement?


Looking good!!!!

c9558c80-8739-41a1-a834-8e5c381665e7 This was yesterday, at our favorite Restaurant, El Zarape in Morehead City NC. Which is how I got the idea, “Hey, I can make queso!”


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