Daily quotes from the mouth of a Teen!

A home school teen, nothing better than days with her learning just as much as she does. Sometimes, there are quotes that come out of that precious mouth that floor me, she never ceases to amaze us. Man, I kinda love that kid!


The sinking of The Titanic:

We begin watching James Cameron’s Titanic:
Me: “Melody, quick before the movie starts, give me a small report on the Titanic”
Melody: “It sank and killed Leonardo DiCaprio”
Me: °_°


Now that one, that was my favorite!


Spring had sprung and…………

Me: “Melody, you gonna shower?”
Kid: ” yeah, hang on I’m freezing”
Me: ” I know right”
Melody: “Springtime, is the reason I have trust issues”

Too smart for her own good!



In the beginning….

“Mom, you’ve seen the pictures of Adam and Eve with the leaves on them right?”
Me: “yes, fig leaves, their clothes.”
Melody: “well, they have belly buttons mom, think about it”
Me: “its an artist rendition Melody, not a Polaroid”
Kid walks away laughing….

*shaking my head*


Melody, ZzzZZzz on the couch!

Me: Melody get up, go to bed.
Melody: @#$! grrr #$%#@ ( not REAL bad words)
Me: Meloddyyy get up and go to bed!
Me: What?
Melody: Wake me up to go to sleep!!

°_°  true enough…



All of her friends are my little “dorks”, they know this, it’s all good!

Picked up one of the dorks ….George Strait comes on the radio… they start that giggling… I holler “King George is on the radio, have some respect”
I love having super powers !

okay, that wasn’t a quote, but it made my morning!


So….Melody was looking at the Christmas Angel tree yesterday in Walmart .. she had tears in her eyes.. this is how it went.

Me: ” Melody, you OK?”
Melody: “no, ma…will these kids get nothing if we don’t pick one?”
Me: ” well, I’m not entirely sure about the nothing part but it may be a bleak Christmas.”
Melody: ” Can I pick an Angel?”
Me: ” yes, I suppose we could, remember we’re helping others too, we have to be as realistic as possible”
Melody: “I wanna pick _______ cause he only asked for one thing, that’s all he wants and I think that’s awesome”
Me: ” okay, if we pick him then we all give up a gift”
Melody: ” deal !!”
She grabs her angel and hands it to me ….


000His New Bike!


Carrot Cake

Melody: ” Ma, what kinda cake is that?”
Me: ” its just a cake Mel, with white icing and nuts”
Melody: “good, cause I don’t like them carrot cakes and stuff you fix”
Me: “oh ok ”
-Three Hours Later-
Melody: “mmmm, that’s good”
-Ate it all- ( was totally carrot)


A smart mama moment ( before we started home school )

Melody Anne is notorious for forgetting something in the course of a school week … so this morning I made her a big breakfast with a huge glass of OJ ( to combat any viruses that may spawn by 3:00 ) gave her meds for the Monday Headache then packed not one but two gym outfits, ran around the house and gathered anything that looked like it belonged in her backpack .. packed emergency items that may come up as an “I need” item and asked her on the way out if her allergies were acting up…
“Ma, I’m fine, I think you covered it all”
“Good, no need to call me today then”
“Well played Ma, well played”



School Mornings in a rush, I don’t miss that! A Mama Quote: 

I dunno which was worse .. Melody that you had to beat outta bed or Melody that’s up with music blaring and the smell of 20 hair products lingering the air ( no not that many ) …lol …..we jamming to Usher , wait now its Katy Perry …nope shuffle … Is that Metallica !? That’s my girl !!





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