Fresh Pesto

Summer's Bounty! There is nothing like fresh Basil. You wither like it or don't... Hubbyman falls into the "Don't" category and I fall into the "LOVE" category! I love to make up fresh pesto when I get a harvest of Basil.. however this batch is from a local farm about a mile away, Simpson's®.I wasn't … Continue reading Fresh Pesto

Lemon Lime Cupcakes with Buttercream

Oh glorious buttercream, how I love thee. I have never made it at home until today. What what? Yup... first time ever..and now that I have, I do not think I will ever buy the can stuff again. I have used this recipe ( the cupcakes) forever and my friend gave me her recipe for … Continue reading Lemon Lime Cupcakes with Buttercream