Sausage and Rice with Tomatoes

It's not fall, and it's not chilly, but I am without a doubt craving those home cooked comfort meals already. I put this on the stove last night and went out to mow the field with the hubbyman. After our showers and after we had cooled down and it was nice and dark out, it … Continue reading Sausage and Rice with Tomatoes

Hubbyman’s Southern Chicken Nuggets

Guess what? I don't cook every night! What-What?! Yup, at least once a week, the hubbyman takes over the kitchen ( and every bowl, why does he use every bowl?) Last night he made his southern fired chicken nuggets, these are man sized nuggets that I have no problem letting him cook! 8-10 Chicken Strips … Continue reading Hubbyman’s Southern Chicken Nuggets