Easy Vanilla Butter Cream

I have flown in planes and I have been to the top of the Rocky Mountains, but I have never had the opportunity to touch a cloud, but I’d be willing to bet they taste like vanilla butter cream frosting! I have always been a fan of butter cream, I have always admired those that could make it, and I have also been just a wee bit jealous. Yes, I said it.. sure did…I was scared  to death to make it..so scared that I never even tried… what was I thinking? This stuff is amazing, I’ll never ever ever ever ever ever ( point received I’m sure ) go back to the can stuff! Try this recipe… it’s fool proof!

The cake is yellow box mix… I love yellow cake, I have to be honest and no other recipe fr yellow cake beats Betty Crocker® ( to me)


But…. I do add a tablespoon of vanilla to the box mix, it adds a zing!

Butter Cream

2 sticks softened butter ( let the butter sit out as long as possible… the longer it sits, the better it mixes)

3 cups powdered sugar

1 tablespoon vanilla ( if you use fresh vanilla, use two beans and 1/2 tsp extra milk)

2 tablespoons room temperature milk

Yeah, that’s it….


Add the butter to a stand mixer ( can be done with a hand held as well)


Add the sugar and mix on medium for about a minute or so….


Add the milk and vanilla and mix on medium for a minute, then scrap all around and mix again for 2 minutes.



Add to a piping bag for cupcakes or use to frost any cake!


Sealed with a Kiss®


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