Basil Infused Olive Oil

Basil Oil

It’s Spring!  I could not be happier!! Living in the south has it’s blessings!!

I was able to get my herbs planted a wee bit early and I have already had my first harvest of Sweet Basil!!

Basil… Oh how I love thee… I have never met a leaf I didn’t like! I use it in so many different sauces and I dehydrate it at the end of summer to use all winter… This is always my first recipe of the season.. I infuse olive oil with the leaves of the plant. I use it all Summer on pasta, bruschetta, and more… It’s so easy and you won’t believe that you made it yourself … look at you, all gourmet and stuff!!

You will need

one pint jar of Basil leaves, lightly packed

1 tsp. sea salt

olive oil ( I hate to sound all Ina, but you need a good EVOO)

Pack the leaves into the jar, sprinkle with salt and pour on the oil until it is completely covered… that’s it!!!

Keep in fridge ( remove from fridge an=bout an hour before use then pop back in when you are done)


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