Caramel Peanut Brownies

Remember when recipes had no step by step photos? Remember when you had no videos to watch on how to get them right? Yeah, well here is a blast from your past! I was busy today and I guess photography was not on the menu…but you can do this! I have so much faith in you, and you know I loves ya!

Easy brownies, for moms that are already spread too thin! Are ya ready? No, really ready? ITS FROM A BOX! What the what? Yup, a big ole box of helpfulness!  I know, you’re welcome 🙂


Ready…. set…. go!

One box of packaged brownie mix, mixed per package instructions. Add 1 cup of salted peanuts and 3 tablespoons of caramel…. {okay the caramel… I used the fruit dip caramel that you find by the apples in the produce section of your grocery store… “why” you ask, good question… it is thick and it stays where you put it… that was way too easy to answer.} Fold together well .. spray your pan of choice with flour spray and bake per package directions

Allow to cool completely…. I can not stress that enough, well without sounding all bossy.

Cut into desired squares

Add caramel to a piping bag and snip the tip. Zig Zag the caramel on each brownie ( anyway you want to, go crazy ) and serve!

I did dust a few with powdered sugar…. just cause it’s pretty…

See, easy 03

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