Garden Stuffed Cucumber Cups



When I think of lady’s  meetings, discussing the world and studying the word of God, I think of girly food. Ladies Auxiliary is meeting at church tonight and it is Pam and I’s turn to make the refreshments. Wait, have I mentioned Pam?

Well… Pam is my BFF, we grew up a few houses from each other and we grew up in the same church. We still only live a few houses away, she in her own with her husband Dave and us in my grandparents home that we inherited.  We were meant to be together forever,  yeah I’m sappy.

She made pumpkin muffins and I made the cucumber cups .. we are a pretty good pair!


This is Pam, ain’t her somefin!


Okay, on to the cucumbers…. now y’all… these are good to me!


1 packed tablespoon  fresh chopped dill

2 green onion ( just the green) sliced lengthwise then diced

Half a stalk of celery diced very small

half a carrot grated small

1/4 of a bell pepper diced small ( I like red, but all I had was green )

8-10 chives diced small

2 button mushrooms diced small

1 tsp. Badia® Complete Seasoning

1 6oz block cream cheese softened

1 3oz roll Goat Cheese with herbs softened

2 -3 large English Cucumbers

Dill, chives and green olives for garnish.


I love cheese, I just needed to tell you that!




Snip the tip a little large, but not too large. Enough to let the bigger pieces of veggies come out smoothly but not so big you can’t control the filling.


Pipe each cup and top with olive, dill or chives. Chill until ready to serve.  Have fun and make them your own!







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