Southern Boiled Peanuts

The people of the South have been boiling peanuts since the very early 19th century.  There are so many ways to flavor them, it’s endless really… but my favorite will always be Cajun Flavored. They are spicy and have that flavor you always seen to keep on your memory buds….. memory buds? Is that a thing?

I am in no way knocking the convenience store peanuts that you see in every corner store in the South and I am in no way knocking every mom and pop farm stand that sells these little jewels… but this simple, yet long cooking crockpot® recipe is by far, my personal favorite.

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You will need: 

1 pound raw peanuts
1 heaping tablespoon of Old Bay Seasoning®
1 tablespoon McCormick’s® Cajun Seasoning
2 tablespoons sea salt  ( more to taste)
1 heaping tablespoon Tony Chachere’s® Original Creole Seasoning
1-2  tablespoons red pepper flakes
10 cups of water 

The How-to’s

Add peanuts to Crock-Pot with all of the seasonings 

Add the water and stir well. 

 Cook on low  for 12 to 16 hours, you will need to keep checking the water level and adding as needed. 

After a few hours taste the broth and see if you want more salt, its all a mater of taste. 

Store in fridge and heat as needed, just a few minutes in a pot with some of the broth. Keeps for one week in fridge. 



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