Eggless Pasta Carbonara

If it starts with bacon, there is no way it can be bad...right? Pasta Carbonara or commonly known as Spaghetti Carbonara is right up there in my top three pasta dishes. Oh the three? Fettuccine with Pesto Lemon and Basil Fettuccine and.... Pasta Carbonara I like Carbonara with angel hair pasta, which of course is … Continue reading Eggless Pasta Carbonara

Carolina Sweet Tea

Anyone else love Steel Magnolias? How can you not love a classic like that? I mean, I guess its okay if you don't, but it seriously makes me want to Bless your Heart . Remember the scene when Dolly (Truvy)  calls the tea, The House Wine of the South? Well... she wasn't fibbin! I know … Continue reading Carolina Sweet Tea