Easter Tulle Wreath

Cooking is not the only activity that brings me joy. I love DYI projects, especially any that I can do using recycled items, or re-purpose inexpensive items into something new and unique. I am a dollar store fanatic. I take my finds from my trips and turn them into decorations that are all mine. I was thinking, while looking through Pinterest, so many people share their crafts. There are entire blogs and sites dedicated to DYI design. Well I already have the blog, why not add my adventures with glue and scissors as well as cakes and stews? This is my first entry, so go easy on me. I hope I explain how to make the wreath good enough for you to follow…. its so easy, takes patience, but so worth it.


WOW, I see myself in the window…creepy

You need:

Cardboard, Scissors, Razor Knife, Tulle Ribbon ( as much as you want) Craft Glue, Masking Tape, and Dollar Store Decor of choice.

PicMonkey Imag013.png

Find a large piece of cardboard that you no longer need, then using a large plate, or in my case a platter, cut a circle out with a razor knife. Clean the edges as best you can, but remember, they won’t show so it is not a big deal. Now, using a smaller plate or bowl cut the center out. As you can see my center is “off” a bit and I did that so the eggs will have room to sit when I glue them on later. You really will not be able to see the difference there either.


Using masking tape, wrap the entire “wreath” , this is just to control any frays you may have AND to make it a lot more stable.


Pick your colors, I used the spingyish ( I made up a new word) that I had… pink, hot pink, blues, green, purple and white.

With each wrap of tulle I use two pieces, it makes the colors more vibrant. Each piece is about 1 1/2 feet long. I know, that is long, but you will trim them later.

0309182230.jpg Rotating the colors, tie the two pieces in a double knot, trying to keep as much of the knot as possible to the back. The side facing you should be the back of the wreath. That makes it easier to control knot placement.


You will see gaps, but as you keep going around just slide them a bit closer, in the end you will not be able to see the cardboard.


This is what it looks like when all the tulle is on, looks like a ballet tutu … at this point I hold it up to my door and see how much ribbon needs to be cut off. That is a very personal thing…if you want them longer just remember that the longer they are they tend to hang down instead of sticking out.

You can also cut off different lengths, there really are no rules.

After you have trimmed up … add a piece of ribbon to the top and loop it through the wreath. This is your hanger. I also measure that against the door to determine where I want it to hang.


Using dollar store finds .. or anything you like…glue the embellishments to the wreath. This is how I had it the first time, and as you can see I changed it up a bit. Its all up to you and your style.

This wreath cost me around $9

That is will the tulle… which you can find it on ebay®  very cheap!!!

Hope I helped you, if you have questions please ask… as I stated, its my first DYI craft post……




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  1. Loretta Houston says:

    That is beautiful! Very Easter/Springy looking. I am going to try to make one. Thanks for sharing!

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