Bacon and Egg Salad

Everything now comes “fully loaded” which of course, is just a way to say packed slam full of flavors. I’ve made fully loaded baked potatoes, fully loaded potato soup, fully loaded TWICE baked potatoes, and the list goes on… fully loaded egg salad seemed like a swell idea as well, yeah I say “swell”  ( a lot)

I picked all the flavors that I love in potato salad, and egg salad and then added bacon… bacon is the key. It takes this salad over the top and has been hubbyman approved!

Summer is trying to end, the days are less humid and my fall fruit trees are starting to hang lower, ( pears, lotsa pears) but I can’t let go just yet of those cold summer salads… and really, egg salad is a comfort food too… its win win really.



10 hard boiled eggs ( chopped, using all of the whites but only half the yolks)

12 ounces bacon cooked ( crumbled and divided and second half set aside)

1/4 cup diced red bell pepper

1/2 cup diced green onions

15 to 20 green olives ( quartered)

1 tablespoon fresh dill chopped

1 large stalk of celery ( with the leaves) diced

1/2 cup dill relish ( drained)

1 heaping tsp. complete seasoning ( see pictures)

1 cup mayo

1 tbsp yellow mustard


Cook your eggs as you normally do, here is a link for the method I use:

Chop and add to a large bowl. Add your prepped ingredients to the eggs and fold together well.

Add the mayo, mustard and seasoning and fold once more to combine. Chill at least one hour, but 2 to 3 hours are better. Serve on your favorite bread or bun and top with the extra bacon that you had set aside. I also garnish with a bit of fresh chopped parsley.




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