Valentine Bon-Bons

Nothing says Be Mine like chocolate. Chocolate has been the center of Valentine's Day since the late 1800s, no really... I looked it up ( Ahhh Goggle, what would I do without you? ) What better way to say I love you than to make your sweetie homemade chocolates! Did I mention how easy they … Continue reading Valentine Bon-Bons

Strawberry Lemonade Rice Pudding

To say I am a lemon fanatic would, undoubtedly, be an understatement.  I have lemons in my fridge, on my counter and everywhere in between all year. I don't just toss the lemons once the pumpkins hit the stores. I can not get enough of them and my BFF Pam  is the same way. She … Continue reading Strawberry Lemonade Rice Pudding