Farmhouse Breakfast Casserole

I wanted to do a step by step recipe for this one, but that Spring like weather was calling our names. We wanted to eat and get out in the sun and we wanted to do it fast, before the mirage of Springtime faded away.  I added this to the recipe card list and hope … Continue reading Farmhouse Breakfast Casserole


Crusting Vanilla Buttercream Icing

Here is a quick one for the Farmhouse Recipe Card section. I had a very busy morning.. so I am writing this up for y'all real quick.... have a great weekend!! Icing Recipe:  INGREDIENTS 1 cup real butter, 2 sticks at room temp 1 cups vegetable shortening 2 pounds of confectioners sugar 3 teaspoons vanilla … Continue reading Crusting Vanilla Buttercream Icing