Honey Glazed Corn and Carrots with Bacon!

Canned veggies can get a bum rap, but they really can be a lifesaver in this hectic life. It can be easy to decide what you want for supper, most nights, but what to go with it can be the tricky part too. This is a go-to side for any meal, and the bacon!! Oh … Continue reading Honey Glazed Corn and Carrots with Bacon!


Chicken Salad with Grapes

I was going to title this Melody's Chicken Salad and in my mind that is exactly what it is. My daughter adores chicken or turkey ( a Thanksgiving leftover staple) salad with grapes. I like it with the grapes ... I also like to kick in a few Granny Smith Apples from time to time … Continue reading Chicken Salad with Grapes