Fire Roasted Pimento Cheese

Welcome Fall !!!

The first thing I think of when Fall comes back around is comfort food. In coastal North Carolina it may be Fall on the Calendar, but the thermometer says otherwise. I wanted the feel of comfort but not in this heat! PIMENTO CHEESE!! It’s easy to make, but not too heavy. This recipe is so easy and so tasty, you’ll never buy store bought again!


Here’s what you need:

12 ounce block of Colby Jack Cheese ( grated )

12 ounce block Monterey Jack Cheese ( grated )

1 (15 ounce ) jar of Mezzetta® Fire Roasted Peppers ( yup whole jar, but you can use half if you don’t like a huge pepper flavor) drained and chopped to the size you like, we like it about half chunky, half fine.

1 1/4 cup Mayo ( I use Dukes®)


Grate the cheese ( this is a good time to use up any other cheeses you have that you do not want to go bad…just toss them in and add another dollop of mayo)


Add the peppers and mayo…


Stir well and transfer to an air tight container and chill one hour before using… better the nest day, just say’n. Keeps for a week in fridge, if it’ll last that long…


Serve on bread, crackers or veggies!

Too Easy!


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